Version control is using software to manage your code in a way that allows you to travel back and forth in time and collaborate with other developers without causing too many conflicts. There are many current and historical version control programs, but by far the most popular is Git, frequently used together with an online hosting platform for codebases (called repositories), GitHub.

How to Learn

The easiest way to get comfortable with Git is to use it, a lot. Before you go installing software, though, you can learn online without ever opening a terminal. With the resources below, you can learn to track files, work with other collaborators, undo changes, and even rewrite history.


  • Learn Git Interactively
    • An interactive course online which walks you through the basics and some intermediate Git usage
  • Learn Git in 30 Minutes
    • A quick overview of basic commands, with installation instructions
    • Cheat sheets, visualizations, and instructions on installing and configuring Git