Learning Resources

The initiative to develop software for the advancement of the working class movement only stands to benefit from enabling more leftists to develop and work with open-source software. We would love to see more leftists take up software and would be relieved to have more hands contributing to our many projects, so we are more than happy to give as much guidance as possible to those who are here to learn.

The order you probably want to follow in learning the various skills that go into software development might look something like this:

  1. Basic Website Development (HTML, CSS)
  2. Scripting (JavaScript, Python)
  3. Command Line Interface (Terminal, Shell/Bash)
  4. Version Control Systems (Git)
  5. Persistent Storage (Databases, SQL, Caches)
  6. Web Application/App Development (Ruby, Python, JavaScript, C#, Java, Swift, Kotlin)
  7. DevOps (Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform)
  8. Specialised Programming (Data Science, Systems Programming, Pure Functional Languages, etc.)

Any one of these topics can take months or years to master, and not all of them are necessary to contribute to projects or get a career in the software industry.