Announcing v2!

Published: Feb 11, 2020 by ProleSoft

The project began as a bunch of bookmarks copy-pasted into a site. What was initially a one-page list of categorized links is now a moderately-sized, and growing, collection of pages, and it’s getting harder and harder to quickly find relevant resources for a given topic.

So we’ve decided to redo the whole thing! We’re building a complete new app with many planned features to allow folks to more easily find what they’re looking for. We want to make it possible for someone to get on with a thought like “I want to watch a documentary about the GPCR” and instantly have links available. We also want to build a way for you (or for us) to find good sources to back up claims during discussions.

The new app will feature a tagging system, (hopefully) intelligent search, and eventually system for showing excerpts of sources for quick citation. We’ll be keeping simple, plain-text data storage so anyone can put in an issue to add a resource.

The development is happening all in the open, so feel free to check out the project and add your suggestions or contribute!